Why men’s style is so important, and why we need to change it

In 1981, when fashion was all about fashion and fashion was about men, men’s clothing was seen as a source of empowerment.

Men’s fashion was seen to reflect their personality and the way they dressed.

Men were said to be dressing for their future and to look good and strong.

Men wore shirts and jeans, ties and boots, jackets and hats, and dresses.

Men wanted to look fashionable, to have fun and to be accepted.

Men dressed well.

Men cared about their looks and their bodies.

In this world, men are expected to be well-dressed.

Men are seen as the future and the future of the fashion industry.

And men are seen to be leaders.

We know this because men are judged and criticised for their style and appearance.

In Australia, men have had the upper hand in the market since the 1980s.

The 1980s, men were judged for their appearance, their clothes, their appearance in a certain way, and their appearance of being a leader in the fashion world.

But in today’s Australia, the men we see in the media, in the streets, are the men who do not look good.

They are seen with long, skinny, baggy, tight jeans, and thin t-shirts, not the good-looking men who look good in a suit and tie.

Men who look too big, too big for the street, too skinny, too baggy.

Men, who are perceived to be a threat, are seen and judged as dangerous.

Men look like they don’t belong in the world of fashion.

They’re not seen as strong, confident and independent.

Men get labelled as unattractive, unattractive men, not attractive men, as well as men who are unattractive.

They aren’t seen as men, but as a social problem.

Men aren’t given enough credit in the Australian fashion industry, as men are blamed for not being strong, not for being good at the business, not good at dressing and not good looking.

Men don’t have a place in the industry because they’re not valued in the workplace.

Men need to be valued, not as a product but as men.

Men should be valued for who they are.

They need to feel valued for their beauty, their sense of style, their self-confidence, and for their ability to work.

Men must be given a chance.

They should be seen and not judged, for they have contributed to the fabric of the Australian way of life.

In the 1980’s, men made the shift from being seen as sexual objects to being seen and respected as men – and the world is now looking back to the 1980, not back to men in the 1980.

In 2017, men make up almost 10 per cent of the workforce in Australia.

In that year, the proportion of men in employment increased by almost 20 per cent.

We need to start thinking about how to make this transition.

We have to stop judging men, stop judging them for who and what they are, and start looking at how to be better men.

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