‘We’re ready to fight’ for Israeli women

The first of three Israeli women’s clothing brand campaigns in Israel are to open with a men’s campaign and a women’s campaign in March.

In both, the campaign’s focus is on traditional garments such as jackets, shirts and trousers, as well as the latest trends, like designer sunglasses.

Women are also the focus in the two campaigns, with a campaign to highlight women in the fashion industry featuring a fashion photographer and actress in the guise of an old friend.

The second, titled ‘We Are A Brand’, is the first of two campaigns that will be run in March, followed by the Women’s Clothing Campaigns at the end of March.

Both are aimed at creating a buzz around the brand and its products.

In the men’s section of the campaign, the brand will launch the first in a series of clothing accessories to support the men who wear the brand.

The first accessory, a men-specific jacket with a leather pocket, will be made available in March for $45.

The second accessory, the men-only denim trousers, will cost $30, while the women-specific trousers will cost just $25.

The company will also launch the women’s men’s line of trousers and pants in March with a range of price points ranging from $25 to $90.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, chief executive Shlomo Farrman said the campaigns will be focused on women’s fashion.

“We’re very committed to women’s rights, and this is the way to create awareness,” he said.

“Women’s fashion is very special, and we will make sure that it will be represented.”

Farrman added that he expects the women to be “very active in the campaign” and “the campaign will be very active for us.”

The two campaigns will launch simultaneously, and both will be sold separately, with each campaign selling 50 pieces.

“It is important for the women, and especially for the young women, to have this kind of information in their heads,” he added.

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