How to get your dress ripped off by a fashion model

There’s no need to worry about being too much of a fashionista if you’re not into dressing up for a night out, according to a fashion industry expert.

Photo: ABC News Dr James White, the executive director of Fashion Academy, told the ABC that the fashion industry was facing a massive influx of fashion models and a number of them were using their modelling experience to try and make a living.

Dr White said that in recent years fashion models had been caught out on many occasions and were not using their training properly.

“There’s been a lot of fashion model scams around,” Dr White said.

“[They] have been trying to get people to come to their events and pay for tickets, but it’s a big problem.”

Dr White says the fashion model scam is affecting young men who want to dress up for events, but they are being turned away because they are not ready for the pressures of the industry.

He said some young men were being exploited because of the amount of money they were being paid.

The Fashion Academy’s Dr White has been involved in fashion modelling for over a decade.

During that time he has been aware of fashion modelling scams being conducted by some fashion models, who would come to his events with a backpack full of clothes and money, Dr White told the BBC.

At the time Dr White did not know of any other fashion model that had been so exploited, but said there was an increasing amount of young men getting caught up in the fashion modelling scam.

Mr White said he had recently spoken to a young man who had been approached by a modelling agency to try to sell his clothing.

But when he arrived at the event and tried to take his jacket off, the model was able to get the jacket off his back and take him to a separate room.

A modelling agency has told Mr White that they are currently investigating the issue, but he said they were “not confident” that any of the models they spoke to were in fact the same people as the one he was dealing with.

For the most part, Dr Whites advice to aspiring fashion models was to not try and become a model.

“I would advise people to try not to go into modelling, you just can’t do it,” Dr Whites said.

“You need to be very careful, if you do get in the modelling business, there’s not too many people who have really been in that industry for that long and that they’ve actually been in fashion for a long time.”

Dr Whites said it was important that people understood that fashion modelling was a dangerous profession and they needed to keep their heads down.

This advice comes as the fashion season comes to an end and some of the world’s most well-known models are coming under increasing scrutiny for their behaviour in public.

ABC Fashion reporter Emily McAllister is live tweeting from Sydney’s Bondi Beach with a special focus on the fashion models.

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