Fashion designer Riccardo Tisci is making fashion accessories for men’s brands in India

The designer behind the popular Riccardos fashion line has partnered with India’s first online fashion retailer to launch its own online shop for men in India.

The first of its kind in the country, the Indian Men’s Fashion Shop, will launch on December 15, offering men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, clothing accessories and accessories to men and women.

It will also offer a range of fashion products.

Riccardo has partnered up with the Indian men’s brand, Men’swear Shop, and will also make its own products.

“We want to help people have a great experience with their clothes.

We have created the Indian Women’s Fashion shop to be more personal and accessible to our customers,” said Riccardio.

In India, Riccardi has a strong brand recognition.

His designs are used by a variety of designers including Balmain, Zara, and Gucci.

The brand has also made its own fashion line in India, a collection of clothes that has attracted millions of women and men.

“The main reason behind launching the Indian store is to expand our reach, which will be a very big challenge,” said the designer.

“Our aim is to reach a lot of people.

The first one in India will be launched in a few weeks.

We hope to get a lot more people into the store.”

Riccards fashion line is aimed at men in the age bracket of 30-44 years.

The line includes clothes for men aged from 30-50, and men aged 50-64 years.

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