Which Egyptian fashion styles are most popular among gay men?

A study by the American Institute of Architects and the American Fashion Institute revealed that Egypt’s fashion scene is dominated by men who identify as gay.

The findings, which were published in the latest edition of the Journal of International Fashion, reveal that Egyptian men who express their sexuality have a strong preference for the more masculine styles of Egyptian men’s clothing and fashion, as well as for men’s shoes and belts.

The study’s authors, Richard Dreyer, a former senior advisor for international economic affairs to the U.S. Department of State, and Jason Shoup, the author of The Egyptian Gentleman, a popular book on Egyptian men, found that the “most popular” style of Egyptian male fashion was the “classic” style.

However, the researchers also discovered that some Egyptian men prefer the more feminine styles of fashion as well, such as those from Western countries like Italy and the United Kingdom.

The authors wrote that these men, who prefer the “traditional” style, are “focusing on the style that is traditionally associated with them,” meaning that they prefer a style that they “have always felt comfortable with.”

This “traditionalism” was “associated with a sense of social superiority, a sense that they are superior to others and, in turn, this is reflected in their fashion choices,” the authors said.

The finding is a stark reminder of how deeply entrenched homophobia remains in Egyptian society.

The authors said that they also found that “most Egyptians do not feel comfortable in their own body, in their body type, or in their gender identity.”

“The [traditional] Egyptian man, like the American, is often portrayed as being a traditional masculine figure and yet, in the face of increasing social and economic challenges, the traditional Egyptian man remains largely unopposed,” they said.

While homosexuality is not legal in Egypt, the government has cracked down on LGBT activists, including those who promote and advocate for LGBT rights.

In 2015, the Egyptian Parliament passed a law that criminalizes homosexuality and makes it punishable by up to two years in prison.

The new study was conducted by an international team of researchers who used a variety of statistical methods to identify the most popular styles of Egypt’s clothing.

The team used data from the online retailer Fashionista to analyze the fashion styles of men in Egypt.

The results, based on the survey’s participants, revealed that Egyptian fashion has a strong emphasis on the “Classic” style that the authors described as “traditional.”

However, they also discovered a preference for masculine styles, with men’s styles ranging from “classic,” “classic boy,” “boyhood” and “masculine” being the most commonly selected styles among the respondents.

The researchers explained that the results are important because they show that “the traditional Egyptian male is not a ‘traditional’ figure and has not been given a status that he does not have in the Egyptian fashion scene.”

“We hope that this study will be a valuable source of information for men to understand how their own style of dress can be influenced by their sexual orientation and the cultural and societal environment that shapes it,” Shoup said in a statement.

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