How to dress to impress Colombian men’s style

COLOMBIA — In a country where men’s clothing is seen as an accessory, it can be a huge challenge for men to figure out how to dress for the men they want to be.

One man decided to find the answer in the men’s section of the mall in Bogota, Colombia, to find out.

For three months, 21-year-old Jorge Moreno learned how to wear men’s clothes he liked in order to show his confidence.

He wore a suit, a tie and a tie shirt to meet the expectations of the men.

But Moreno wasn’t satisfied with the result.

He decided to wear a men’s shirt to show that he wasn’t just a regular man.

“I had to do something else to show how confident I am,” Moreno said.

He said that he wore the shirt to a few men he thought were cool.

But when he asked them to dress up and show off their style, the responses were often uncomfortable and even hostile.

“They didn’t even know how to speak English, they didn’t know how much money I had, how much of an apartment they lived in, what I ate, where I lived,” Moreno explained.

“If you go to a mall like that, you can see that it’s like you’re in the ghetto,” he added.

“We had to learn a lot about men’s culture, but we didn’t need to learn everything about men, we needed to show what men are about, what men really care about,” he said.

“You have to show them how much you care about them, you have to make them feel that you care,” he concluded.

In a nation where men are often considered the second class, Moreno and others like him are taking on the challenge of proving that men are real and that they care.

“I don’t want to go home and say, ‘I don,t care about men.’

I want to wear what I want, and I want them to be happy with that,” Moreno continued.

“The first thing I want is to get a job, I want a home, I just want to feel that I’m not alone.

It’s not about me.

I just care.”

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