How the ‘Trader Men’s Fashion’ Twitter Account Was Saved from Being Destroyed

Tradesmen, men’s style, and fashion are all intertwined.

Whether it’s your favourite designer or the brand you’re looking at, you can find a lot of value in looking at it all.

The tradecrafts of the man-to-man trade aren’t just about what you wear or the style you wear, it’s about what is said about you.

And so, it only makes sense to invest in fashion through the Twitter account of the men’s clothing brand Trader Men’s.

The account, which is active almost daily, has more than 1.2 million followers and has been used to promote the brand on social media, including Instagram and Twitter.

Trader has always been about making fashion accessible to people who are different to the average Joe.

As the brand’s founders said: “We’re a global brand that doesn’t just want to make clothes for the masses, we want to show them something that they can wear and feel good about.”

With Trader Men, the brand has gone a step further, using its brand identity to create a place where people can interact with the brand and the brand itself.

Trader Men (@TraderMen) January 11, 2019 The account has a lot going for it.

The social network features curated content and an active user base, which gives the brand an edge in terms of engagement.

But it’s also been used for other things too, including buying products, discussing trade and trading with friends.

“The best part is, the Trader Men Twitter account is used by hundreds of millions of people in every country around the world,” said Jarrad Jones, CEO of the trade marketing agency MMG International.

“The Trader Men brand and Trader Men is just a reflection of what our market needs in a way.”

There are plenty of brands who are more active than Trader Men.

It has more followers than the likes of Fiverr, and it has more users than Twitter itself.

But as a brand that’s active on social and in the real world, Trader Men can be a great tool to find great content, and great trades, in the online world.

It also allows the brand to stay relevant.

Trader has been featured in Time magazine, Vice and Business Insider, and in this video it talks about its experience with the likes on Instagram.

One of the benefits of Trader Men was being able to share their knowledge about trade and the trades they are part of.

“Our knowledge is shared on the account,” Jones said.

“So we have to share it.

We have to make it known.

We can’t just say we have this knowledge and we’re just going to go out and talk to these people and tell them what they should be doing.

So Trader Men really does allow us to get in front of people and share our knowledge with them.”

In fact, one of the ways Trader Men helps brands keep up with trends is through the Tweets it posts.

Jones said that it has “about two hundred” Tweets a day.

“It’s the biggest Twitter account in the world, and if we were to look at it, we’d say that it’s probably bigger than any other account,” he said.

So, how did it come to this?

“Trader was a company that we started a year and a half ago,” Jones told Bleacher.

“We wanted to get more exposure to the trade world, to trade more, to connect with the community and be a more active part of it.

We were looking at what our best opportunity was and we decided Trader was the right platform to be able to help.” 

In the space of just two years, the account has been transformed from a niche social media platform into a massive social media brand.

 “Trader and the men that it represents have a huge reach across the world and a huge audience,” Jones explained.

“And we think that when we’re doing these tweets, we’re giving the people that are on our platform the opportunity to have a bigger say in what happens.

So that’s what we’re really trying to achieve.”

“Traders goal is to create something that’s a place for people to be engaged, to have conversations and to have ideas,” he added.

“But in doing so, they’re also connecting with people from a global perspective.”

The brand has been able to do all this through a small team.

Jones told the Bleacher podcast that he has only worked on the team for two months, but said that the team has grown to over 50 people.

He said that they were able to hire a senior designer and a team of designers to create the look and feel of the brand.

They’ve also been able see what brands have to offer, and they were given an opportunity to work with the brands. 

“They’re all connected,” Jones continued.

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