How to dress like a girl from the Middle East

Men’s style has become the focus of much discussion recently.

In fact, the subject is such a popular topic that there’s a new magazine that has just been launched called MEN.

It is based on the ideas of fashion historian Lorna Loy.

The magazine was launched by Italian fashion company, Cinq and it aims to bring to light the cultural and economic connections between men and the Middle Eastern world.

For Loy, it’s a topic that’s just as relevant as ever.

“I think it’s interesting to have a magazine that explores the topic, especially now in the age of social media,” she told The Local.

“In the Middle-East, we have all been influenced by the fashion trends of the past and we have to find our own ways of looking, so it’s nice to see something that explores this.” 

According to Loy’s research, a large number of fashion designers, fashion journalists, fashion magazines and fashion companies, all working on a global level, work in the Middle States, the Middle Seas and North Africa.

And they’re all involved in fashion, from the traditional styles of the Middle West, like a turban, the black headdress, the kaftan and the hijab to the more contemporary styles of Middle Eastern clothing.

The magazine is the first in a series called MEN from Lornas.

“We’ve been inspired by a desire to show the diversity of the fashion world,” she said. 

“We’re interested in showing the differences between Middle Eastern and Western style, between traditional styles and contemporary styles, the influence of Western influence on the fashion industry in the region and the way in which fashion has changed over time.”

“We hope that this project will be a platform for discussion, and a way of getting involved in the changing landscape of fashion.” 

Loy’s goal with the project is to create a platform that brings together all these influences and styles, in order to bring more attention to the cultural diversity of men and Middle Eastern fashion.

“We want to make a statement that men and women have different ways of living,” she explained.

“The fashion industry is very multicultural and it has become so, so diverse that we are in a different world.

We want to highlight that.” 

This article was originally published on The Local and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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