How to dress for the men’s season in 1963

The fashion industry in 1963 was a tough one for men, and even today, the competition is fierce.

The year was one of the first to be marked by the Vietnam War, and the men were forced to wear their uniform, including hats and scarves, over their faces.

Some wore camouflage jackets and long-sleeved shirts.

The army, too, played an important role in shaping the look.

The Air Force wore their insignia on their uniforms, while the Navy and Coast Guard wore their stars on their jackets.

The Army also had its own “military-style” uniforms, with black buttons, ties, and a patch of red.

But it was not until the end of the decade that the trend for military uniforms really took off.

In 1962, the Air Force started wearing a special kind of uniform, one made of the same material as the mens suits.

The Navy was the first in the US to wear the navy-blue jackets worn by the Air Corps in World War II.

But by the end, most US airmen were wearing the navy shirts worn by their Air Force mates.

And the Navy was still the only service in the world to wear military-style suits.

So while the fashion industry was dominated by men, the men had a lot of leeway when it came to choosing what they wore.

“Men were not very well represented in the industry,” says John W. Dillard, a fashion historian at the University of Iowa.

“The fashion scene was very diverse.”

Some men wore ties, a lot.

Others wore shirts with buttons, a style that many women preferred.

But for most of the men, there was no one uniform.

The clothing choices were based on how they felt.

The fashion world was dominated in 1963 by the men who wore military-type uniforms.

Women were the minority in the field.

And although the men wore military gear, the women didn’t have to wear it.

They could wear casual clothes, like jeans and sweaters.

The military was an important part of the fashion scene.

In fact, the Army had a special branch of the military, the “sportswomen,” who wore combat uniforms.

The men were the ones who had to wear them, but the women were also part of a special team, with the commandant of the Army and Navy being the only woman in that group.

They were the “combat women,” which was the name given to a branch of military women, women who were part of an elite group that was trained to fight, but also had the training to dress appropriately for battle.

The women wore their uniforms over their arms.

This made them look more “realistic,” says Diane L. Schreiner, author of “The Secret War: The First Five Years of the Vietnam Conflict,” which chronicles the military’s early years in South Vietnam.

“They didn’t want to look like they were wearing combat pants,” says Schreiners.

“But they were dressed like they did in combat.”

That didn’t make them look like men.

Men, by contrast, wore uniforms that were more appropriate for the battlefield.

In order to look more military-like, the soldiers also had to be more confident.

“In the early days of the war, the guys were afraid to wear anything but combat boots,” says Dillard.

“It’s a military boot, not a combat boots.”

So while most men would wear their uniforms on their forearms, some women wore them on their thighs.

But when the war ended, the military had to stop wearing military boots.

The “sporting women” continued to wear uniforms that showed off their strength and confidence.

In 1965, the Women’s Sportsmen’s Association created a group called the “sportsmen’s committee.”

The committee included women like Barbara S. Wartell, a retired Army colonel, who had worn the Navy combat uniform and later wore her combat boots for years.

They would also have to go to an officer’s academy, where they would receive training on how to dress as women, and how to wear combat gear.

The committee also included women from other branches of the armed services.

One of them, Barbara E. Brown, wore her uniform on her legs, which meant she was more masculine than other women.

But in 1966, the committee disbanded.

In the meantime, women’s clothing had evolved in a way that fit the men.

They wore skirts, and women wore skirts that didn’t look like the men in the photo.

They also wore hats and hats, not collars or cuffs, which were traditionally worn by men.

But the hats and caps were more casual, and in the early 1960s, women also began to wear long-waisted skirts, which they also began wearing over their shirts.

“By the mid-1960s, there were a lot more women than men in military uniforms,” says L. D. Brown.

And by 1968, the number of women in the uniform was

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