When is the next Australian election?

The last federal election saw a surge in popularity and a surge of women voters.

However, while the two-party system remains the main obstacle for women voters in this election, it is not the only issue on their minds.

The question on many women’s minds is when they will be able to vote in the next election.

“Women in Australia have been waiting for this election for decades and I think the next one will be different,” says Julie Stokes.

“I hope they are more confident in their votes, but the reality is that it will be a very long election.”

Stokes says she will not be casting her ballot until her 15th birthday.

She says she is proud of the role she has played in the history of women’s rights.

“As a feminist, I am proud to be an advocate for women’s equality and I am also proud to have helped build the women’s movement,” she says.

‘My life has changed’ The first women’s group to be active in the women-only suffrage movement was the Australian Federation of Women’s Clubs. “

We’ve got to take the momentum of women and put it into the next elections.”

‘My life has changed’ The first women’s group to be active in the women-only suffrage movement was the Australian Federation of Women’s Clubs.

In 1894, the Women’s Club was formed in Sydney, to help support women who were not employed or supported by their husbands.

It was later renamed the Women and Girls Clubs of Australia and was a vital part of the women in politics movement.

The organisation was renamed the Australian Women’s Association in 1949 and it has now become Australia’s oldest registered women’s lobby group.

The Australian Women Suffrage Association was established in 1879 and the Women Suffragists of Australia was established by the Sydney Women Suffragan Association in 1920.

Women suffrage campaigners were often involved in political campaigns and political parties, such as the Liberal National Party, the Australian Labor Party and the New South Wales Labor Party.

But the women suffrage organisations have also been instrumental in pushing for women to be equal in the workplace and in education.

Julie Stokes is one of many women who have been active in campaigns for women in public office, and says they have had a significant impact on the lives of women.

‘It has made a huge difference’ Julia Gillard’s first term in office saw the introduction of the Equal Pay Act in 2010.

This was a major step forward in the fight for women and it paved the way for other women to come forward with similar issues.

“It has really changed my life.

It has made me a better person, more determined and more committed to making a difference in the world,” says Stokes, who has campaigned for equal pay since she was 18.

Stokes says the first time she got a job offer was after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Her career took off and she worked in a women’s prison in Western Australia.

However, in 2013, her career came to a crashing halt and she was left with very little to support herself and her family.

After the Equal Access Act was introduced, Stokes and other suffragists found themselves without a voice in parliament and the government.

While Stokes was still working in a prison, she realised the impact the Equal Care Act had on other women and women in prison.

There was a lack of access to contraception and women were being sexually assaulted and mistreated.

That same year, Julia Gillards second term in parliament saw the release of a report by the Equal Opportunity Commission which outlined how many women in Australian prisons had experienced sexual violence and harassment.

Gillard was the first Australian prime minister to ever support a bill that made it a criminal offence for a woman to engage in sexual activity while she is in prison, and a bill was introduced in Parliament that made sexual abuse of children a criminal act.

By 2017, Gillard was the only female prime minister in the country.

A year later, the Gillard Government announced the Equal Opportunities Act, which saw a shift in attitudes in the Australian public towards women.

It also brought in mandatory reporting for sexual abuse in prison and gave victims more legal protections.

Then in 2019, the Rudd Government introduced the National Women’s Law Reform and Empowerment Act, a law that was supposed to bring more equality to women in the workforce and in politics.

As the Labor Party continued to lose votes, it was a year later that the Gillards Coalition announced the Women in Politics Act, that would see women in government elected.

Now, women’s groups are working with the Labor government on the legislation.

“The fact that we have an equal opportunity bill means that the Labor Government can have more confidence in it,” says Julia Gillies spokeswoman, Emily McGuire.

What about women in Parliament?

The first election

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